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Fresh, Gourmet, Organic Dog Treats That Are Made To Order!

No Preservatives
Gluten & Grain Free
No Wheat, Corn, Soy, Artificial Colors or Flavors

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Extra Large Crunchie Bones: We bake these and sell them for $3.00.
100% of the sales are donated to the Frederick County Humane Society.

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Artisan Doggie Snacks

We offer all natural 100% USDA Organic artisan doggie snacks for your canine companions. Our dog treats are made to order, so you know they are fresh and haven’t been kept on shelves for months. We are concerned about the health of dogs, and so all of our treats are gluten & grain free.

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Pick-Up or Delivery

Pick up fresh, healthy, made-to-order dog treats at TrendSETTER Treats. We offer a personal local delivery option to be certain that you will always have the best dog treats available, without the time and expense of traveling to the local pet store. Order dog treats today.

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Happy, Healthy Pets

TrendSETTER Treats has given a lot of thought to the dog treats we provide. We have been providing dog owners all natural dog treats for 2 years now. We only believe in delivering fresh goodness to your dogs. Unfortunately, many dog treats on the market today contain chemicals, fillers, and unsafe additives. We have the highest quality dog food available at just the right prices. We have put together a list of what’s trending for your beloved pet.

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TrendSETTER Treats offer organic snack alternatives

“We make all our treats healthy and organic. That means no corn, no soy, no wheat, no grains and everything is gluten free, “said Sherry Purkey, owner of Trendsetter Treats along with her husband Lonnie Purkey. “Our mission is ‘happy healthy pets.’ We are starting to expand, I am always finding new recipes.”

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Middletown Farmers Market

TrendSETTER Treats brings to the market healthy, all-natural, gluten-free and sugar-free doggie treats. All of the ingredients they use are human-grade, 100% USDA Organic, and researched for to add nutritional value to canine diets.

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TrendSETTER Dog Treats

FREDERICK, Md. - TrendSETTER Treats is a local company who makes dog treats moved to Braddock Mountain in Frederick Maryland. A couple started making organic dog treats when their dog Emmy became ill with cancer.

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